Recovery Support for Victorian Emergencies

Recovery support may be available if you were affected by a major emergency in Victoria.

For businesses impacted by the:

  • February 2024 Victorian storms
  • February 2024 Western Victorian bushfires
  • December 2023 to mid-January 2024 Victorian storms and floods
  • October 2022 Victorian floods.

The Victorian government can provide support for recovery including financial, consultative, administrative, and emotional support tools. Depending on what you need, the Victorian government can help you:

  • Apply for payments and get financial help
  • Find services to support your recovery
  • Progress an insurance claim
  • Refer you to mental health or wellbeing services
  • Learn tips to help you or your family cope with stress
  • Get legal support
  • Get support for your business.

Support can be as simple as telephone advice on what services are available, or connecting you with programs that can help you.

If you have been significantly impacted, you may also be eligible for a recovery support worker. Over time, they will work with you to find and access the range of services you need.

For more information and to apply for support, visit the Vic Gov website