New partnership with Blue NRG

Exciting News for Wine Victoria Members: Partnering with Blue NRG!

Wine Victoria is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Blue NRG, a 100% Australian owned business energy retailer committed to supporting Australian wineries with competitive rates and expert solutions. Based in Melbourne, Blue NRG is committed to ethical energy retailing, recognising the impact of energy generation on the environment. Explore our new partnership and energy saving solutions for your business below.

Tailored Energy Plans and Savings

We understand that every business is as unique as a wine region. We work closely with partners across diverse sectors, including NSW Wine and the Independent Brewers Association, to create bespoke energy plans and discount group rates for members.

Beyond the Meter

We go the extra mile, offering valuable insights and support to help your winery thrive. Your dedicated Business Relationship Manager will become a trusted advisor, listening to your specific requirements and crafting a customised plan to optimise your usage.


Unleash total energy management with Blue NRG's new insights tool. It's not just another energy tracker; it puts control and real-time visibility of your energy consumption right in your hand. Gain year-over-year, day-by-day, and even minute-by-minute insights into energy usage, carbon footprint, and costs.

Sustainable Solutions

Looking to reduce your winery's environmental footprint and boost your bottom line? We can help you bottle sunshine via our partnership with leading solar installer UNIfied. Their team can help you determine if solar power is a viable option for your winery.

Empower Your Winery

Contact Blue NRG today and let us help you power your passion for winemaking!

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