Getting the most out of the Bureau of Meteorology and Agriculture Victoria’s seasonal climate forecasts products



13th Dec 2023





Register now – Bureau of Meteorology and Agriculture Victoria are running a free 1 hour webinar on Wednesday, 13th December to help farmers and businesses navigate extreme weather.
The Bureau has 5 seasonal climate forecasting tools to provide more insight on the chance of extreme weather events. In the webinar, Dale Grey, Seasonal Risk Agronomist, will share the new tools which can provide information on the chance of unseasonal and extreme temperatures and rainfall for the weeks, months or seasons ahead and how farmers can use them to plan operations. Graeme Anderson, Climate Specialist, will highlight Agriculture Victoria's climate update information, newsletters, soil moisture monitoring reports and climate and weather courses.
Understanding the likelihood of an extreme weather events can assist in the planning, preparedness, and response through better on-farm decision making.
Register now for this invaluable webinar at