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How to read this plan.

The Plan is set up following the sequence of a crisis, beginning with pre-season business preparation; advice around the impact and management of your business during a smoke or fire event and an action plan around a significant multi region fire. This action plan includes a summary of responsibilities around managing a coordinated response by industry and government including communications and assistance available during an event. 


A ‘Crisis’ is any fire-based situation, incident or issue that could significantly damage the viability or reputation of the Victorian wine industry.

‘Crisis Management Team (CMT)’ is responsible for the industry response to a crisis, and is drawn from participating industry groups, government representatives and external expertise as appropriate. The CMT is responsible for coordinating the tactical and strategic response to an incident. Depending on the crisis the makeup of the team will differ to marry needs to skillset. But will include representatives from Wine Victoria’s technical sub-committee, member/s from Agriculture Victoria and where possible a member from the effected local winegrowers association.

‘Crisis Management Team Leader’ is the designated representative of the Crisis Management Team delegated to collate the facts about an incident, lead, report and delegate the activities of the CMT.

‘Risk assessment’ is the process of identifying, analysing and evaluating the nature, extent and potential consequences of risks.

‘Risk Assessment Team’ comprised of the Chief Executives of Wine Victoria and the Technical Sub Committee of Wine Victoria (or their nominated alternates) along with a representative from Agriculture Victoria. The Risk Assessment Team is responsible for selecting the CMT participants, and Team Leader.

‘Risk management’ is the process of deciding on the appropriate course of action in order to minimise identified risks.

‘Stakeholders’ for the Plan are all parties involved in the commercial production of grapes and wine and their associated industry bodies including Laboratories and Universities and Government departments.

‘Tainted grapes’ are grapes that have been affected by the influence of smoke.

‘Trigger points’ are defined as an event that will prompt the stakeholders to implement the associated Action Plan. In this Plan a Trigger point will occur when a fire or series of fires within the state is updated to or classified as a level 3 fire by Forest Fire Management or upon the request from a regional winegrowers association and or grower. One of these two events will trigger the RAT to meet.

Response Review, Feedback and Updates

Wine Victoria acknowledge that the management of the effects of Smoke in the Victorian Wien Industry is an ongoing topic of research and that this action plan is an evolving document and welcome feedback on improvements and or modifications to the above plan.

This plan will be reviewed and updated annually.

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Download Risk Assessment Team Meeting Template (.DOC)
Download Crisis Management Team Meeting Template (.DOC)

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