Plan For Impact

Alerts and Warnings

Stay informed.

Being prepared for bushfire and smoke hazards includes keeping up-to-date with the latest emergency weather warnings, forecasts, seasonal outlooks, Apps and updates from key industry bodies.

The Vic Emergency App and website combines emergency information and warnings from various agencies and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Regional wine industry associations are proactive in their consultations regarding planned burns and provide:

  • Timely updates to their members as promptly as possible. It’s a good idea to join your local association to become part of their database and receive their newsletters and alerts. Find your local association here.
  • General information on planned burns in Victoria is provided by Forest Fire Management Victoria, or you can search by postcode here.
  • Current air quality measures can be found at the Victorian EPA.
  • Research is currently being undertaken on linking air quality to risk of smoke taint and will be added to this plan as it is released.

Business Continuity

Talk with your accountant about your Business Continuity Plan.

Assistance can be found here.

Grape Supply Contracts

Who carries the risk and can it be shared?

It is important that grape sellers and buyers have a clear and agreed understanding of how smoke taint risk will be addressed. Considering the following questions will support this process:
• Who will be responsible for collecting grape and wine samples for testing?
• Which laboratories will be used? (aim to use the same labs for consistency, if both buyer and seller are testing)
• What wine styles are the grapes intended for? Is there a contingency plan/flexibility?
• What alternative sale arrangements would be suitable for at-risk fruit?
• At what stage will the testing be carried out?
• What will be the taint level criterion (tested) for acceptable, downgrade or rejection?
• Where does title and risk pass from seller to buyer, of grapes and/or wine?

Your insurance cover for property, vineyard, crop and wines, plus public liability and professional indemnity, should be understood well in advance of any fire season. Consultation with trusted insurance advisors to explore your options is essential, with particular attention focused on the terms, conditions and exclusions of any policy documents with regard to fruit affected with smoke taint.

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