Industry Action Plan

The Industry Action Plan is a specific set of protocols to follow in the event of a fire emergency. It’s important to know the trigger points to put the plan into action as well as have the right information and resources available.

Trigger Points

There are multiple ways in which this plan can be triggered.

When a fire or series of fires within the state is updated to or classified as a Level 3 fire by Forest Fire Management the plan will trigger the Risk Assessment Team (RAT) to meet.

The designated Agriculture Victoria Representative of the RAT will be alerted via the FireWeb system that a fire has been classified as a Level 3 fire. This will trigger them to contact the Wine Victoria designated member of the RAT to meet and determine if it is warranted to assemble the Crisis Management Team (CMT).

Alternatively, if Wine Victoria is contacted by a local association and/or an individual producer to suggest that a fire effect is impacting their region, Wine Victoria will call the RAT team together.

Action Plan

The Action Plan includes a resource hub with the following information and templates:
• First Response Incident Assessment including a Risk Assessment Team meeting template
• Crisis response guidelines including a Crisis Management Team (CMT) meeting template
• Imperative elements of managing a CMT
• Responsibility matrix template
• How to communicate with media and other key stakeholders to ensure accurate information is being disseminated
• Crisis flow chart template
• Crisis flow chart example

Access the Industry Action Plan resource hub below.


Response Review

The effects of fire and smoke is an ongoing battle the Victorian wine industry face. As such, the Industry Action Plan is an evolving document that we will continue to adapt and update.


Wine Victoria welcomes your feedback on the Industry Action Plan as a way to ensure its effectiveness. Please send all feedback to


The Industry Action Plan will be reviewed and updated annually.