Growing Victorian Wine into the Future Program

Future Winemakers

Victoria’s grape-growers and winemakers will benefit from a new program funded by the Department of Agriculture, run by Wine Victoria, providing support to tackle climate change, work sustainably, increase profitability, and keep abreast of market standards.

Successful implementation of the Growing Victorian Wine into the Future Program will result in a Victorian wine industry that demonstrates:

  • Increased sustainability and smaller carbon footprint
  • Improved quality, productivity and profitability that encourages capital investment
  • Recovery and growth of Victorian wine’s contribution to the state economy, jobs and exports
  • Innovation in grape growing and winemaking that engages modern consumers at home and abroad
  • Healthy vine and informed practices to protect the future of Victoria’s vineyard assets
  • A knowledgeable and well-connected industry that actively fosters the leaders of the future

4 Key Program Areas:

Program 1 – Addressing Climate Change
Program 2 – Improving Productivity, Sustainability and Competitiveness
Program 3 – Biosecurity Awareness and Preparedness
Program 4 – Building Capability, Leadership, and Industry Assets

Program Workshops:

✓ Introduction to Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certification and carbon calculator workshops to over 130 members
✓ Held 5 workshops across the state on the topic of Towards Carbon Neutral in the winery and vineyard
✓ Held 5 Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certification workshops to over 100 members

Register Now: SWA Accreditation Support

Wine Victoria is providing our members with one-on-one consulting support to assist with gaining the Sustainable Winegrowers Australia accreditation. If you are interested in registering for consulting support, please follow the link below and our team will be in touch: learn more & register here.