State-wide Vineyard health check

Agriculture Victoria and Wine Victoria are offering Victoria’s grape-growers and winemakers exciting opportunity to take part in a state-wide vineyard health assessment.


This state-wide vineyard health check is an ambitious and exciting project for Victoria. The opportunity provided by the Growing Victoria Wine Into the Future program to apply world’s best-cutting edge technology and expertise across our whole state in a commercial setting – not just in a lab – is a rare one. This vineyard health check is just the first step towards understanding, managing, and improving the health of Victorian vineyards, young and old, to ensure we can continue to grow and make regional wines of distinction and mostly the wines more people want to drink.


To gather the data, we are asking growers of each variety from each of the 21 Victorian grape growing regions to supply samples for virus testing, along with completing a cultural questionnaire to help us to gather information about the vineyard from which samples are collected. The vineyard information will enable us to assess the impact, positive or negative, that vine health status might have on vineyard sustainability, productivity and wine quality to better inform the need for testing for particular viruses and management practices to mitigate further risk of the more harmful viruses. It will also help us understand which viruses are benign and not of concern, potentially leading to beneficial changes in testing protocols and management strategies.


Growers who provide samples will be provided with a report about the viruses detected in their samples and information about management strategies to reduce risk. The overall results of the study will be shared via a report and industry article that will be published on the Wine Victoria website and through other industry media. All individual data will be de-identified.


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