Victorian Wine Industry Development Strategy

Wine Victoria is working with the Victorian Government to implement the first ever Victorian Wine Industry Development Strategy for 2017 to 2021.

We are interested in hearing from Wine Victoria members about the strategy as a whole, the direction it sets for industry, and whether it reflects the needs of your business and region. Funding is also available under Round Two of the Wine Growth Fund for projects that match the strategy platforms.

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Why We Want Your Input

The wine industry is changing. The strategy sets out a clear roadmap to support Victoria’s wine industry considering these changes. It is designed around four key platforms: industry adaptation, tourism, trade and industry coordination.

With the Victorian Government backing the Victorian wine industry like never before, Wine Victoria and its members have a real opportunity to use its collective voice in shaping the implementation of this strategy and put money in the right places to make sure the future of Victorian wine is bright.

Find out more about the four strategy platforms: Adapt, Visit, Trade, and Lead.

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