Sustainable Winegrowing Australia – certification workshop

   Interested in gaining the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certification? Wine Victoria is funding certification workshops in May for 100 grape and wine producers. 

  • Register your interest by March 17th  to attend a one-day certification workshop in May/June 2023 to progress toward becoming a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. Please note that you must be a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia to register. 
  • To register as a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, sign up here. 

The location of the certification workshops will be based on the level of interest expressed across Victorian regions and registration will be offered to the first 100 grape and wine producers to register. These workshops are valued at $460 and are being offered for $35 (to cover the cost of catering) to Victorian grape and wine producers through funding from Wine Victoria and the Victorian state government.  

  • Watch out for more details about the Carbon Neutral in the Vineyard and Winery workshops.  


  • Access the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia metrics for vineyards and wineries here.   
  • The most recent Sustainable Winegrowing Australia update can be found here on YouTube.   
  • Details of the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia case studies 
  • For more information on soil and grapevine nutrition, including topics on soil carbon sequestration, soil analysis and soil health and nutrition, visit the AWRI website here.  
  • For more information on carbon accounting you can read an Ask the AWRI article.  
  • To have some hands-on experience with Carbon Accounting for your business, please visit the Carbon Calculator webpage on the AWRI website, and download the Australian Wine Carbon Calculator (excel file) for free.  
  • A case study of a winery energy audit, conducted by AWRI Commercial Services using Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Assessment Grants scheme in 2018, can be accessed here.  

For further details contact Wine Victoria at