Wine Victoria 2013-14 Strategy Overview

Wine Victoria is the peak body representing the Victorian wine industry.

We advocate on behalf of the industry ensuring our membership remains a high priority with the Victorian Government and our national governing bodies.


To support the growth and development of a profitable wine industry.


To be a peak industry body that is highly respected by industry and government. We will do this by representing the interests of the wine business environment through state based liaison and federal stakeholder engagement.


  1. Gain consensus from membership and government on the social, economic and environmental impacts of the Victorian wine industry to inform evidence based policy
  2. Develop policy positions on the issues identified for action and ensure these are supported by the WV membership
  3. Work with the State Government and key national stakeholders to ensure WV policy positions are understood and where possible endorsed
  4. Build support for WV amongst the membership and stakeholders
  5. Act in an ethical manner when engaging with our membership and stakeholders

National Body Focus - Strategy Areas

Wine Equalisation Tax:

  • To create a WV 'Wine Equalisation Tax' policy position that represents the views and interests of the membership.
  • Use the policy position as the basis of communication and engagement activities with national stakeholders.

Wine and Health:

  • To create a WV 'Wine and Health' policy position that is supportive of the Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA) and represents the interests of the Victorian industry in the public debate on alcohol and it's impacts on health.
  • Support the WFA as the lead agency on the alcohol and health policy agenda through engagement activities with relevant state based stakeholders and national wine bodies.

Download the Wine Victoria 2014 Strategic Plan