Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

Wrap up of Wine Victoria AGM

The recent Wine Victoria AGM examined topics ranging from initiatives for educating our future industry leaders, insider tips on accessing China and Hong Kong wine markets as well as the financial viability of the Wine Victoria.

Wine Victoria Treasurer Ross Wilson highlighted the future potential of Wine Victoria as the state's peak advocacy body, if the current financial stresses of the association were overcome with a stronger membership committement.

"Given the income that Wine Victoria was operating on over the last year, the association proved itself to provide an incredible amount of work for a relatively small amount of funding," said Mr Wilson.

"At this stage, 2015 is looking to have a similar income stream however there will be an increase in expenses. If we are to continue the momentum we've achieved and put the industry back in front of the eyes of the government, we need to take a combined group approach as to how we're going to fund Wine Victoria into the future.

"We know that the government responds best to wine matters when they have a common face to deal with. I urge our regional members not to hold back on membership fees because we certainly need this representation."

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