Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

Uncorking Victoria’s future – Update from the Executive Officer, Rachael Sweeney

As you will be aware, this weekend Victoria will decide who will represent us in the 59th Victorian Parliament.

A reminder to our members and those thinking of joining us that Wine Victoria has been actively briefing Victoria's political candidates. We have had many conversations on the industry's current challenges and what a prosperous and sustainable future for the wine industry might mean for the State.

This year we have worked hard to deliver the message that the wine industry is sitting on barrels of uncorked potential. We have emphasised that our industry offers a healthy employment circle, has huge potential for exports to the traditional and burgeoning Asian markets and is a successful driver of regional tourism – a super industry of the future.

Our message has essentially been that wine is good for Victoria - our industry captures the philosophy of paddock to plate – or, if you like, grape to glass.

In this edition of our newsletter you will see our conversations have been fruitful – both sides of politics have recognised the value of our industry. Make sure you see our comparison on the commitments from both the Liberal-National Coalition and the Labor Party. Also check out how the media has been reporting on our recommendations. 

On behalf of the Wine Victoria and Regional Council I would like to say a big thank-you to all the Members of Parliament and Departmental representatives who took time to meet with us and understand our industry. We wish you well on Saturday and look forward to working with the 59th Parliament to ensure Victoria's wine and regions are on show both to the world and here at home for the benefit of all Victorians.