Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

State Election – Commitments to the Wine Industry

Wine Victoria's recent advocacy has involved briefings with MPs and Ministers, senior advisors and other political stakeholders over the months leading up to this week's election.

Our meetings allowed us to brief our stakeholders on Wine Victoria's policy positions and industry priorities including Trade and Export, Tourism, Cellar Door Subsidy, and Wine and Health.

The table below outlines both parties' commitments towards Wine Victoria policies thus far.



Wine Victoria's recommendation



Trade and Export

» Creation of a Wine Export Fund

Fund to be used for inbound trade related activities run in partnership with industry experts such as Australian Wine Grape Authority and endorsed private operators

  •       Super outbound trade mission program
  •       $500,000 for wine specific in-bound trade missions in 2015
  •       $1m combined commitment for wine tourism and trade related activities to drive cellar door  visitation
  •       Four "reverse" super trade missions promised over first term with wine exports included under "food and fibre" sector (one of eight growth sectors) 


» Creation of a Food and Wine Tourism Strategy 

» Allocate funding to Melbourne Food and Wine for post-vintage wine events that will drive regional visitation through the delivery of:

  •         annual wine industry wide ‘marquee event’,

  •         grass roots wine event funding
  •        Nil
  •       $1m combined commitment for wine tourism and trade related activities to drive cellar door  visitation, including the formation of a Victorian Wine Tourism Strategy

Cellar Door Subsidy

» Retain the current funding arrangement for the Victorian Cellar Door subsidy.

  •       Status Quo - Keep funding for Cellar Door Rebate unchanged
  •       Contingent on Federal WET rebate remaining unchanged

Wine and Health

» Encourage and promote the responsible consumption of wine in line with recommendations from the NH&MRC guidelines

  •       Agreement to ensure responsible consumption messaging accompanies all communications about alcohol related harm
  •       Agreement to have wine industry involvement in policy advisory forums
  •       Formation of a Ministerial Wine Industry Advisory Group to address R&D, pest and disease control