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AWRI's RD&E Plan 2013-2018

The AWRI's Research, Development and Extension plan for 2013-2018 is the blueprint for the AWRI's activities up to 2018. It details 50 projects, grouped under 17 theme headings. The plan was developed through a wide-ranging industry consultation process.


The plan provides a starting point and a clear direction; over time it will evolve in line with emerging opportunities, changes to industry priorities and needs, and available funding. It formally commenced on 1 July 2013. Industry feedback on the plan throughout its life is welcomed and actively sought.


The themes and projects within the plan align with broad priorities identified in the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) Strategic Research, Development and Extension plan 2012-2017 and other relevant industry and Government strategic directions.


The published plan is available in eBook and pdf formats:

RD&E Plan 2013-2018 eBookRD&E Plan 2013-2018 eBook

RD&E Plan 2013-2018 pdfRD&E Plan 2013-2018 pdf


Additionally, a status summary provides a snapshot of the progress of the 50 projects in the plan:

RD&E Plan 2013-2018 project list and statusRD&E Plan 2013-2018 project list and status


For further information about the AWRI's RD&E Plan, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Communication Manager.


To access the AWRI's previous 7 Year RD&E Plan 2006-2013, click here.