New in-market opportunity for premium wines with

We are excited to announce a new agreement between Wine Victoria and — the United States’ largest online wine & spirits retailer by revenue, traffic, selection and reach.

Wine Victoria has signed an agreement to increase ranging of Victorian wines on the platform and run a marketing campaign to promote Victorian wines in August / September 2023. The campaign will include a dedicated landing page for Victoria wines and promotion via emails, social media and printed in-box marketing collateral.


1. I am a winery with existing wines on the platform

If you are an existing Supplier, please continue to work with your Buying team contact to add new products via the NIF Supplier Form.

2. I am a winery with distribution in New York or California (at a minimum) but am new to

If you are new to and your items meet the below criteria, fill in this form “ Wine NIF New Supplier” and email through to

For items to be considered for’s assortment, your wines must be available from state-licensed wholesalers who are capable of delivering to our fulfillment centers on a weekly basis. Items are not required to be available in all markets but covering the two key markets of California and New York is critical for success.

If you have wine available in either NY or CA (at a minimum) from with a viable wholesaler and are >$20 retail, you would be a strong candidate to be added to the virtual inventory assortment. Note that being added to virtual does not mean will place an opening order. Your wine will be placed on consignment and an order placed as customers order from Higher demand will result in stock stored in’s warehouse(s).

Note: will not facilitate wholesaler or importer introductions on your behalf.

All Suppliers are required to submit vintage-specific content to support their items and brands — see our Content Checklist.