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Wine Victoria was formed in late 2011 as the successor to the Victorian Wine Industry Association.

As the peak body representing the Victorian wine industry our main aim is to advocate to the Victorian government, responding to the issues that impact our members.

Where appropriate the association also supports Australian Grape and Wine at a national level.

Our aim is to ensure that the industry can grow sustainably and that we have the right economic, community and policy frameworks in place to support that growth for our members. Each election cycle we develop a three-year strategic plan that is then updated annually and is informed by engagement with industry and government stakeholders at a state and federal level.

We operate under a constitution with a volunteer skills-based board elected by members at our Annual General Meeting and have robust governance structures in place for the design and delivery of all programs which include Project Control Boards; with Wine Victoria Board, Industry and specialist representation as required. Our staff includes a Chief Executive Officer; a Secretariat who is the primary point of contact for all industry enquiries; and a contracted General Manager, Projects.

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Providing a strong, united voice for the sector and representing our industry on these issues is vital for the long-term sustainability of all. Although we act for all wine and grape businesses, we are not currently financially supported equitably across the state. Wine Victoria is committed to broadening our membership base and increasing participation from all regions, as well as encouraging direct membership and Associate membership. If you wish to become a member of Wine Victoria or for more information please contact the Secretariat.

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Project Reference Groups And Committees

Technical Sub-Committe

Kim Chalmers (Wine Victoria Board Representative and Committee Chair)
Dan Buckle (Wine Victoria Board Representative)
Damien Sheehan
David Braybrook
Tessa Brown
Andy Clarke
Fiona Constable
Lucy Etheridge
Matt Partridge
Belinda Thomson
Mark Walpole
Richard Howden(General Manager, Projects – Wine Victoria)
Megan de Jong (Secretariat, Wine Victoria)

Project Reference Group: Bushfire Technical Response Package

Damien Sheehan Wine Victoria
Joe McClelland Regional Development Victoria
Adam Keath (Industry Representative,Yarra Valley)
Marcus Satchell (Industry Representative,Gippsland)
Neil Larson (Industry Representative,Central Victoria)
Mike Aylward (Industry Representative,Mornington Peninsula)
Megan Hill (DJPR, Agriculture)
Mark Walpole (Industry Representative,North-East Region)
Con Simos, (AWRI)
Richard Howden (Project Manager, Wine Victoria)
Megan de Jong (Secretariat, Wine Victoria)

Project Control Board: Trade

Matt Fowles Fowles Wine (Wine Victoria Board Representative and Committee Chair)
Nikki Palun Octtava Wine (Wine Victoria Board Representative)
Kim Chalmers (Wine Victoria Board Representative)
Gordon Gebbie Rathbone Wine Group (Industry Representative)
Scott Austin Austin’s Wine (Industry Representative)
Rachael Sweeney (Wine Victoria Executive Officer)
Richard Howden (Project Manager, Wine Victoria)
Megan de Jong (Secretariat, Wine Victoria)
Brendan Larkin (DJPR, Global Vic)
Stephen Baud (DJPR, Global Vic)
Mara Putnis (DJPR, Agriculture)

Project Control Board: Five Pillars

Eliza BrownWine Victoria (Wine Victoria Board Representative and Committee Chair)
Damien Sheehan Shiraz Central
Chris Gillard Fortified Resurgence
Caroline Evans Yarra Valley
Mike Symons Pinot Coast
Diana Morgan Visit Victoria
Dean Cleave-Smith King Valley Prosecco Road
Felicity England Wine Australia
Zenon Misko Food and Wine Victoria
Richard Howden 5 Pillars
Holly Formosa 5 Pillars
Megan Hill (DJPR, Agriculture)
Mara Putnis (DJPR, Agriculture)

Become a Supporter

Supporters are an important part of Wine Victoria. They produce goods and services which are of value to our members and they have a desire to see the industry prosper. This program recognises those businesses who support the wine industry and seeks to create a mutually beneficial relationship which we hope will be strong and enduring. If you would like to be a supporter, please complete the application form which can be accessed via the link below. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the relevant Wine Victoria committee.

Supporter Benefits

These benefits are designed to highlight your business as being a strong supporter of the Victorian wine industry and to keep you up to date with what is happening.

BenefitsSupporters $1000 (+GST)
Receive Wine Victoria e-newsletter and member communications to keep up to date with wine industry activity 
Invitation to Wine Victoria AGM
Invitation to all appropriate Wine Victoria Events
Company logo and description on Wine Victoria website

*Membership runs for the current financial year.

If you have any questions about becoming a Supporter of Wine Victoria please contact us.

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