Policy Positions

Wine Victoria is the peak body representing the Victorian wine industry. We advocate on behalf of the wine industry to ensure that our members remain a high priority with the Victorian Government and our national governing bodies. To access Wine Victoria's Policy Position Papers please click on the relevant links below.

Cellar Door Rebate
It is the position of Wine Victoria that the current Cellar Door Subsidy - otherwise known as the Victorian Liquor Subsidy (VLS) - accessed by eligible wine producers should be retained by the Victorian Government. Wine Victoria makes this recommendation to ensure our industry remains sustainable, and can continue to support the Government's economic objectives in relation to regional tourism and job creation. To read our full policy paper and submission on the VLS please click on the links below.

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Wine Victoria recommends maintaining the direction and principles articulated in the current extension and adoption MOU and phylloxera funding program, by establishing equivalent research and adaptation programs for the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sustainable farming. 

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Wine and Health
Wine Victoria recognises that there is a serious and urgent threat to the future of our industry as a consequence of the activities of the anti-alcohol lobby. It is Wine Victoria's position that industry must work with governments in the short and long term to promote the responsible consumption of wine. Wine Victoria looks to Australian Grape and Wine Inc. to lead industry in this task. 

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Trade and Export
Wine Victoria recommends a regularly occurring partnership between the Victorian Government, industry experts and private operators to boost exports and increase understanding of Victoria's premium wine offerings in key markets.

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Wine Victoria welcomes the Victorian Government's commitment to develop a wine tourism strategy, and recommends that the strategy is developed in close consultation with industry. Wine Victoria looks forward to working with Visit Victoria on this task.

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