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Wine Victoria 2019 Vintage Calendar

To ensure your region's vintage completion percentage is up-to-date, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on a weekly basis.


Region Contact  Risk Period to Smoke Taint % of region complete
Alpine Valleys Michael Freudenstein Mid-January – mid April 45%
Ballarat Keith Wightwick Late-January - early May


Beechworth Simon Grant Early-January - early May 40%
Bendigo Wes Vine Early January – mid April 80%
Geelong Dinny Goonan Late January - late April 


Gippsland Sue-Ellen Latham Mid January - early May


Glenrowan Michael Reid Early January - mid April 0%
Goulburn Valley Guido Vazzoler Mid January - mid May 65%
Grampians Damien Sheehan End January - late April



Heathcote Ian Hopkins Early January - early May 60%
Henty Andrew Lacey Early January - mid May 60%
King Valley Johnny Cavedon Mid January - mid May 50%
Macedon Ranges Cameron Leith End February - mid May



Mildura Murray Darling Mike Stone Late December - mid April 60%
Mornington Peninsula Cheryl Lee Late January - late April 85%
Pyrenees Andrea Hart Late January – early April  



Rutherglen Matt Partridge Mid January - mid May 75%
Strathbogie Ranges

Jenny Mayger

Mid January - mid May 0%
Sunbury Ben Ranken Early January - early May 10%
Swan Hill Mike Stone Late December - late April 60%
Upper Goulburn John Adams Mid January - early May 0%
Yarra Valley Caroline Evans Late January - mid April 80%