Be Vigilant this Vintage.

Written by  Wine Victoria Friday, 22 January 2016

January 22, 2016

With vintage soon approaching, vineyard operators and support industries are reminded to implement biosecurity  measures when entering and leaving properties.

Vineyard operators should not allow equipment onto their properties unless it is proven to be treated and cleaned free of soil and organic matter, or has originated from a region known to be free of grapevine phylloxera.

“Vineyard hygiene is the responsibility of the vineyard owner/manager, and the best place to implement this is at the farm gate” said Damien Sheehan, Chairman of the Victorian Viticulture Biosecurity Committee (VVBC). “Do not allow anyone onto the vineyard unless you know where they have been, likewise do not allow the entry of equipment unless it has been appropriately cleaned, and certification is available to confirm this,” said Damien.

Mr Sheehan also said that Contractors should also be asked to ensure that equipment clothing and footwear are clean free of soil and organic matter  prior to entering a vineyard.

This reminder is being issued in response to the recent increase in the number of vineyards in the Maroondah PIZ confirmed to be infested with phylloxera.

Andy Clarke, Chair of the Yarra Valley Phylloxera Management Working Group (YVPMWG) has requested that “ if you suspect that you have phylloxera symptoms on your property, please contact the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) on 136 186.

Recent dry seasonal conditions have made phylloxera symptoms, including canopy decline and premature yellowing, more obvious and easy to detect in some regions. These new detections should serve as a sharp reminder to all growers/vineyard managers of the importance of vineyard biosecurity protocols. Growers are reminded that it is an offence under the Plant Biosecurity Act 2010 not to report a suspect phylloxera infestation to DEDJTR. 



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