Angela Scicluna

Angela Scicluna

Annual General Meeting 2019
Monday, 07 October 2019 11:49

Wine Victoria Annual General Meeting 2019

Date: Tuesday November 26, 2019

Location: Level 8, 161 Collins Street, Melbourne

Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm (including networking drinks)

Meeting Documents:

More documents will be available prior to the Annual General Meeting

More information: 
Rachael Sweeney
Wine Victoria Executive Officer
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eliza Brown - Board Member
Friday, 30 August 2019 14:19

Eliza Brown is from a fourth-generation wine family from Victoria, Australia. Currently, Eliza enjoys building regional businesses; she is the CEO of All Saints Wine Estate (1864), St Leonards Vineyard (1860), Mount Ophir Estate (1891), Thousand Pound Wine Bar & Store (2015) and Luxe Auto (2018) all located in Rutherglen, Victoria. Eliza likes to contribute to the broader wine industry and issues; she is currently a director of her broader family business, Brown Brothers and is also Chair of Wine Victoria's Five Pillars Tourism Project. 

Wine Victoria China Export Academy
Tuesday, 20 August 2019 10:02

Thinking of exporting to China? Wine Victoria in partnership with the Victorian Government has the assistance you need – The Wine Victoria China Export Academy! 

The first of its kind in Australia, the Wine Victoria China Export Academy will feature a mixture of both one-on-one mentoring with industry leaders, team workshops and real-time in-market support. Our Academy aims to bridge the gap between aspirations and exporting to China. 

Delivered by the team who designed the Wine Australia Growing Wine Exports (GWE) program, the Academy will take you out of the classroom and provide direct support to participants, enabling companies to take the leap and begin exporting to Australia's largest wine trading partner, China.

Applications are now open - sign up for the Academy below:

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What is the Wine Victoria China Export Academy? 

The aim of the Academy is to increase the number of companies exporting Victorian wine to China. The Academy will build on the fundamental exporting knowledge participants have gained in the Wine Australia Growing Wine Exports (GWE) program.

Who are the Wine Victoria Export Academy mentors and why were they chosen? 

One of the aims of the Wine Victoria China Export Academy is to build on the knowledge gained in Wine Australia’s Growing Wine Export program. It is because of this that the mentors are the same experts who delivered this program.

The mentors are:

  • Paul van der Lee, Principal Vanderlee & Associates;
  • Darren Oemcke, Founding Partner and Marketing Director, Hydra Consulting;
  • Liz Mencel, Wine Export and Marketing Specialist, Flametree Wines & Principal Purple Feet Consulting;
  • Simon West, Director, Full Glass Management; and
  • Ron van Buuren, Founding Partner and Managing Director; Hydra Consulting.

Who is eligible to apply for the Export Academy? 
The following criteria will be used to further assess eligible candidates:

  • Be a member of Wine Victoria and a member of your region's wine association;
  • Have completed both of Wine Australia’s Growing Wine Export (GWE) 1-day and 2-day workshops;
  • Pay the $5,000 (+GST) subsidised program fee*; 
  • Submit your company’s completed Growing Wine Exports planning documents for review by our mentors:

   One Page Export Plan; 

   Sales Plan (Excel); and

   Self-Review and Pitch.

  • Have the financial capability to generate $100k (FOB Sales) of exportable product over a 12-month period into China (refer to the GWE planning documents above);
  • Have the financial and time capability to undertake an export visit to China during the Academy program (see list of suggested programs below); and
  • Complete a post program evaluation.

Cost of the program? 

*The full cost of the Wine Victoria China Export Academy is $10,000 (+GST)– the program is subsidised by the Victorian Government to the value of $5,000 (+GST) for the first 20 successful candidates.

What to expect during the program?

  • Business tools: Session guides, new templates and resources both from Growing Wine Exports and specifically developed for Victorian exporters;
  • Personal assessment: A personal one-on-one review of your readiness to export to China based your application and program preparation work before commencing;
  • One to one mentoring: 6.5 hours of intensive one-on-one mentoring in a location near you, with Australia’s leading export advisors; 
  • Wechat group: 8 hours of scheduled WeChat group and individual chat/text support;
  • Workshops: Participation in three group workshops, Victorian location to be confirmed closer to the workshop dates;
  • Webinars: Access to specific Wine Victoria China Export Academy webinars that will help you identify and access distribution channels; 
  • Q&A: Access to an online portal with a range of commonly asked questions and answers.

Where is the Export Academy located and how long does it go for? 
The Export Academy program will be run in Victoria in a rage of locations that are accessible to each participant over a 12 month period.

Join the Academy today:

Screen Shot 2019 09 24 at 50946 pm

Download our Frequently Asked Questions document and our fact sheet below.

Freqently Asked Questions                                                              Fact Sheet

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Wine Victoria Welcomes the 2019/20 Victorian Budget Release

Wine Victoria welcomes the Victorian Government's announcement of a $5 million Wine to the World initiative, contained in the state Budget released today.

Wine Victoria Chair, Angie Bradbury said the announcement confirmed that the government has now funded the November 2018 election commitment, which aims to promote premium Victorian wines to the world. 

"Exports of Victorian premium wines were valued at $451 million, growing both in volume and value, over the last 12 months," Ms Bradbury said.

"This new initiative will ensure our members can continue this trend, while also increasing our profile around the world," Ms Bradbury said. 

A total of $5 million in funding commitments was allocated to the wine industry in the 2019/20 Budget including:

  • Victorian Wine Showcase;
  • Annual wine symposiums;
  • Marketing campaigns to promote Victorian wines to international markets;
  • Annual export training for Victorian winemakers; and 
  • Government-led trade missions. 

The funds will be used to target key markets overseas in the USA and China. 

Ms Bradbury said the industry was very pleased Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development the Hon Jaclyn Symes and Minister for Trade the Hon Martin Pajula, had again chosen to invest in our state's world-renowned winemakers and grape growers. 

"The funding announcement in today's Budget shows the government understands the wine industry's importance to the economic future of regional Victoria and regional jobs," Ms Bradbury said. 

"We look forward to working with the Victorian Government on these commitments and ensuring Victorian wine companies can continue to increase the domestic and international profiles of their wines," Ms Bradbury said. 


Media Contact:

Angela Scicluna, Wine Victoria

Ph: (03) 8658 5715 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Wine Victoria has today welcomed a $5 million commitment by the Victorian Labor Party to market Victorian wines to the world. 

The announcement was made at the Blue Pyrenees Estate in Avoca and is aimed at doubling Victorian wine exports by 2030, with a focus on China and the United States.

In announcing the package, the State Member for Western Victoria and Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development, the Hon Jaala Pulford, said if elected the funds will be used to team up with leading Victorian chefs and restaraunteurs to establish a Victorian Wine Showcase to help promote our best wineries. 

"Trade Missions led by Ministers will also target key markets overseas in the USA and Asia, and a series of marketing campaigns will boost the profile of Victoria's premium wines," she said.

"Victorians know how good a drop of our wine is and Labor will make sure the rest of the world does too," she said.

Wine Victoria Chair Ms Angie Bradbury said the industry was delighted Minister Jaala Pulford had again acknowledged the benefits of supporting the Victorian wine industry, which accounts for an estimated $7.6 billion of the State economy each year. 

"This funding is vital to ensure the State's wine companies can continue to build a well-known profile for premium wines," said Ms Bradbury. 

"Victorian wines are second to none and we want to make sure the world knows this." Ms Bradbury concluded. 

This commitment comes off the world done by the Andrews Government in partnership with the Victorian wine industry to develop the Victorian Wine Industry Development Strategy, the Wine Growth Fund and funding for the Victorian Five Pillars International Wine Tourism Campaign


Media Contact:

Rachael Sweeney, Wine Victoria Executive Officer

Ph: 0422 067 858 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Five Pillars Tourism Project
Wednesday, 03 October 2018 14:56

Victoria has 22 distinct wine regions, each with differing varietals and wine styles. While this diversity is seen a great strength for the state, it has also been a challenge to market from a tourism perspective.

Narrowing the message about Victorian wine will sharpen the focus on our competitive advantages and enable Victoria to greatly enhance the appeal to both domestic and international wine tourists, who may be overwhelmed by the breadth of choice.

What are the five pillars?

The five proposed wine tourism pillars will aim to bring together premium food and wine experiences with other factors that have great appeal to the Chinese and US markets, namely coastal attractions and clean green natural beauty.

The five pillars are:

  1. Pinot Coast: including the Geelong, Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula regions 
  2. King Valley Prosecco Road: focusing on the King Valley region 
  3. Rutherglen Fortified Resurgence: focusing on the Rutherglen region 
  4. Yarra Valley Culinary Destination: focusing on the Yarra Valley region 
  5. Central Region: including the Bendigo, Heathcote, Grampians and Pyrenees regions

What will happen to develop these pillars?

To develop these pillars the following activities will happen:

  1. Research: will be undertaken to understand the various segments' understanding of and interest in the various regions and wine varietals within the Chinese and US markets 
  2. Consultation: we will work with the regions and tourism stakeholders to understand the types of suitable products available and any gaps in the market that will attract these visitors to the region
  3. Planning: a plan will be developed to attract these visitors to the region 
  4. Activate: marketing platforms, materials and products will be developed to attract these visitors to the regions.

Who is funding the project?

The funding for the project has been gained through the following parties:

  • Australian Government 
  • Victorian Government 
  • Wine Victoria
  • Pinot Coast regions: Geelong, Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula
  • King Valley Prosecco Road region 
  • Rutherglen region 
  • Yarra Valley region
  • Central Region: Bendigo, Heathcote, Grampians and Pyrenees regions

Project Control Board

The Project Control Board (PCB) has approved the appointment of the project management resources and the development of the Expressions of Interest for Brand Consultants for the project. The PCB members are: 

  • Eliza Brown - Wine Victoria;
  • Chris Gillard - Fortified Resurgence;
  • Dean Cleave-Smith - King Valley Prosecco Road;
  • Shae Keenan - Visit Victoria;
  • Liz Hamilton - Food and Wine Victoria;
  • Damien Sheehan - Shiraz Central;
  • Ian Hopkins - Shiraz Central;
  • Mike Symons - Pinot Coast;
  • Caroline Evans - Yarra Valley Destination Plan;
  • Diana Morgan - Visit Victoria;
  • Amanda Ellery - DEDJTR;
  • Holly Formosa - Wine Victoria; and 
  • Richard Howden - Wine Victoria. 

What will happen next?

Wine Victoria has negotiated the funding contracts with the Australian and Victorian Governments and a governance structure has been set up to deliver the project. 

Brand consultants for each of the five pillars have been selected, with successful agencies Redhanded and iSpy appointed. Redhanded will develop the Fortified Resurgence, King Valley Prosecco Road and Yarra Valley Culinary Destination Plan pillars, while iSpy will be responsible for the Shiraz Central and Pinot Coast pillars. 

After extensive research and industry consultation, the brand development phase has been concluded and brand agencies have pulled all the insights together to come up with a brand position for each Pillar. These brand positions have been presented to the Working Groups for each Pillar.

The project is progressing at a rapid rate and is currently in the marketing and content development phase. The PCB is has a tender process underway to select a content agency, which will assist with the creation of the content. The agencies will create a distinctive design for each Pillar, which will help to differentiate the five Pillars for marketing activities, websites and events.

A content collection will be created for the Pillars, which will include photographs, video, maps, editorial and social media kits.

Media and publishing company Hardie Grant will be assisting with the development of the content, which will be used to assist with future marketing and communications.

The PCB have agreed to hold a trade/media event in the USA and a selection process is currently underway for a creative events company to assist with the event.

The next phase of the project will be exciting, as the brands will start to be used in both the domestic and international tourism markets in the coming months. 

Read the Media Releases:

Wine Australia media release

Australian Government and Victorian Government media releaseAustralian Government and Victorian Government media release


This week the Victorian Government announced an additional $2 million in funding for the third round of the Wine Growth FundWine Growth Fund at Mitchell Harris Wine Bar in Ballarat. 

The fund aims to support winemakers and grape growers in marketing, tourism, business development and exporting activities, while also building the capability of Victoria's highly regarded wine industry. 

Wine VictoriaWine Victoria Executive Officer Ms Rachael Sweeney said the industry was pleased the Victorian Government and Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development the Hon Jaala Pulford, in particular, had once again recognised the benefits of investing in Victorian grape growers and winemakers. 

"The Wine Growth Fund clearly signifies the government's recognition of the $7.6 billion contribution that our industry makes to Victoria's bottom line every year," Ms Sweeney said. 

"We thank the government for their continued support and commitment and encourage our producers to use the fund to raise the profile of our wine tourism and export capacity and to ensure Victoria becomes the best wine state in Australia" added Ms Sweeney.

Existing Wine Growth Fund guidelinesWine Growth Fund guidelines have been changed, with infrastructure projects now eligible for funding and grants of up to $100,000 now available.

Applications are open to organisations or businesses from all Victorian wine regions directly involved in the Victorian wine industry. 


Media Contact:

Rachael Sweeney, Wine Victoria Executive Officer

Ph: 0422 067 858 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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This week, the state budget was tabled in Parliment by Victorian Treasurer, the Hon Tim Pallas, outlining the state's priorities for the next four years.

As part of the 2018/19 budget, $4.1 million was allocated towards the wine industry.

Wine VictoriaWine Victoria Chair, Ms Angie Bradbury said the industry was delighted the Victorian Government and Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development the Hon Jaala Pulford, had once again recognised the benefits of investing in the world-class potential of Victorian grape growers and winemakers.

The funding forms part of the Growing Agriculture Exports, Farms and Tourism initiative and aims to help the industry develop new products and markets. The wine specific funding will be allocated towards:

"The programs clearly signify the government’s recognition of the $7.6 billion contribution that our industry makes to Victoria's bottom line every year,” Ms Bradbury said.

"We look forward to working with the government on implementing these important projects" added Ms Bradbury.

In addition to wine specific funding, the budget also makes allocations for the following programs impacting winemakers and growers:

  • The young farmer stamp duty-free threshold on properties valued up to $600,000 (for settlements from 1 July 2018);
  • Further reduction to the payroll tax for businesses located in regional Victoria, decreasing the tax from 3.65% down to 2.45%;
  • Boosting regional tourism, with $51.1 million for international and interstate tourism campaigns, including support for Business Events Victoria and regional tourism boards; and 
  • The $30 million Pick My Project fund.